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Madras Hardtools Pvt. Ltd., specializes in lifting products primarily wire rope slings and are authorized distributors of Usha Martin make steel wire ropes covering; High Performance Wire Rope, Standard Wire Rope, Non-Rotating Wire Ropes / Rotation resistant ropes.

We maintain huge stock of wire ropes ranging from sizes 3 MM to 120 MM Dia across wide variety of constructions used in general engineering, mining, shipping, fishing, elevators, oil drilling, aerial rope, locked coiled ropes etc approximately to the tune of 1000 Tons at any given time and continuous monitoring being carried out with complete reorder levels in order to ensure timely delivery of the materials.

Brief of wire ropes

A wire rope is a machine, by dictionary definition: "An assemblage of parts...that transmit forces, motion, and energy one to another in some predetermined manner and to some desired end."

A typical wire rope may contain hundreds of individual wires which are formed and fabricated to operate at close bearing tolerances one to another. When a wire rope bends, each of its many wires slides and adjusts in the bend to accommodate the difference in length between the inside and the outside bend. The sharper the bend, the greater the movement.

Every wire rope has three basic components:
  1. The wires which form the strands and collectively provide rope strength;
  2. The strands, which are helically around the core and,
  3. The core, which forms a foundation for the strands.
Right Regular Lay (RRL) Left Regular Lay (LRL) Right Lang Lay (RLL) Left Lang Lay (LLL)