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  1. High quality flexible 6x36 class crane rope.
  2. Consistent performance
  3. Fully lubricated in manufacture
  4. Independent wire rope core.
  5. A sample of rope from each production batch is tested to destruction in order to confirm compliance with catalogue breaking force values.

6 x 36 (14-7+7-7-7-1)-CWR
6 x 41 (16-8+8-8-1)-CWR

6 x 19 x 19S (9-9-1)-CWR
6 x 19W (6+6-6-1)-CWR
6 x 25F(12-6F-6-1)-CWR
6 x 26SW(10-5+5-5-1)-CWR
6 x 29F(14-7F-7-1)-CWR